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The New Year Hopes


Hello Everyone and Happy New Year starting tomorrow. The last three years have been difficult for me but 2013 perhaps most of all. It was filled with challenges, hurt, pain and many many lessons for which I am so grateful for.

I am very lucky to have found a job that will help to get me back on my feet. It is funny…for so much of 2013 I had thought to myself ” as long as I have my computer and my blogging I will be okay” and that is the last thing that was taken from me. My computer crashed and I had no money to get it fixed. I will shortly however so in the meantime I am writing you all a quick post from my work computer to 1) let you know what has been happening 2) where I have been and 3) why I haven’t blogged in a while.

The depression hit me very very hard as I cursed the gods on their unfair treatment of me. I asked “How much do I have to lose before you take pity on me?” Well they answered me….everything that was important to me….including my photo programs that I used daily to work on my photographs with. Once the anger and despair subsided I realized I needed to reevaluate the important things in my life.

Yes…my computer and blogging are very important to me but I needed to get my priorities rearranged.

So here is my new list for the new year:

My husband

My home and animals

My financial responsibilities

My financial goals

My life goals and health

My hobbies

In order for me to overcome my depression I must begin to feel empowered instead of victimized and the only way I can do that is by taking charge of my life. So I have begun to do that.

I will be able to fix my computer shortly and replace my photo software and the weather will open and spring will arrive. Its a new year and I am so grateful to be alive to see it.

So in the meantime I will try to post what I can from my computer at work but I just wanted my followers and friends to know what is going on.

For those that follow my photo blog I apologize for leaving you hanging with my weekly hosted event titled My Hometown. I will be removing that from the event page and hopefully will be able to resume it once I get everything back on track.

I have missed my writing and sharing my photos. I look forward to sharing once again very soon. In the meantime please forgive my absence. It was not of my doing but none the less I will learn and work with it.


Happy New Year Everyone



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Author: lisalday111711

These blogs are about Lisa the woman and the dog owner and the photographer. I am a 46 year old woman who has experienced a tremendous amount of pain and joy in her life. In the past year alone I have made some big changes such as moving three times, finding peace and growing as a spiritual being. I also am a student as of April 2013 at The Center of Sacred Studies. I discovered the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers from a book a friend lent me and through them I discovered a path I wanted to travel down which led me to CSS. I am at a pivotal time in my life that has me reexamining how I think, feel, pray and interact with others. I invite you to join me as I discover new things about myself and the world at large. I will share with you all I learn and come to know but remember my truth may not be yours. I only encourage to be open and to consider all the possibilities this life has to offer. Namaste

7 thoughts on “The New Year Hopes

  1. Glad you are doing ok! Have a wonderful, prosperous, and magical New Year!

  2. Happy to hear from you and congrats on your new job!
    I pray you will be supported within and without and feel Divine love all year long.

    Happy 2014 Lisa!

    xx Linda

  3. I hope 2014 will be a good year for all of us. May all your wishes come true and may you reach every goal.


  5. Thank you everyone…I have missed my blogging outlet so much. All should be back to normal by next week (fingers crossed). Best wishes to all of you for the new year!!

  6. All the best! 2014 will be much better … hang in there :)

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