Wylie Dean

As most of you know my daughter was pregnant with my first grand child. In June it was discovered he had CPAM that had us all pretty scared. Wylie however continued to grow while the tumors did not. On October 30 at 7:51 Wylie was born.

Because he was considered a high risk baby and needed a team of specialists to be present at his birth AND because my daughter had to travel 6 hours to get to the University of Utah‘s hospital they elected to induce her labor on the 30th. After about 12 hours it was clear Wylie was having problems. Every time my daughter would have a contraction Wylie’s heart rate would drop. My daughter was exhausted but she couldn’t deliver this baby without contractions and Wylie wouldn’t survive too many more so they took her in for an emergency C section. When Wylie was born he was struggling to get oxygen initially but then soon rallied. They kept him in observation for the first night but he was able to stay with mom the next day. Upon taking x-rays to see how these tumors were doing they couldn’t find them. That doesn’t mean they are gone but hopes are high otherwise Wylie will have to have surgery after the holidays to remove them.

I got to go in and see Wylie right after he was born and I was amazed to see a full head of red hair.

wylie 10 minutes oldHe was 6 pounds 11 ounces and 20 inches long

Unfortunately it was midnight before my daughter got to see her son and hold him.

DSC_0280And his daddy fell in love instantly despite the red hair

DSC_0287I however have been dreaming of him since my daughter was born 28 years ago and it was love at first sight…I finally get to be a grandmommy after accepting the fact I never would





wylie 1

And I was amazed how quickly and naturally my daughter took to being a mother. She was born to do this

DSC_0317But unfortunately for me they had to go home…6 hours away so grandmommy had to say goodbye which killed me




DSC_0327Hopefully I will make it down to see him in December


wylie 3



About lisalday111711

I am known by a select incredible few as Sunny Day and that is how I would like you to know me. I have given this blog a complete make over as I have gone through a huge transformation thanks to my classmates and instructors. I will be an Ordained Minister of Walking Prayer in April 2015. This ministry program saved my life and I am now on a course to offer the same healing for others. My education will continue long after I am Ordained as I feel we can never stop growing and healing as long as we are alive in this body. In my efforts to heal others I hope to be a part of a fantastic movement that will heal our beloved Mother Earth for the next 7 generations. I am excited to share with all of you the journey this new life path will take me. Healing Prayer Grandfather, Sacred one, Teach us love, compassion, and honor. That we may heal the earth And heal each other. -- Ojibway Prayer Aho!

8 thoughts on “Wylie Dean

  1. Congratulations!!! I had some tears (of joy) in my eyes while reading. I hope Wylie Dean needs no surgery , I cross my fingers.

  2. Congratulation! He is adorable! Sending healing light for him!

  3. kittlesfamilyartworks2012 says:

    He’s precious! Congratulations!

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