Lucid Dreaming


Guest Author Kerry McGlone writes:

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Why Everyone Should Learn to Lucid Dream


Imagine this: you’re exploring things and emotions you never thought were possible. You have the opportunity to control anything that goes on, and have the power to change anything if needed. You’re exploring these crazy ideas as if you were doing it in real life, however you’re merely dreaming. Is there a monster chasing you as you lucid dream? No worries – with the power of your mind, you can dismiss that monster and completely modify the dream just the way you want it. So instead of being chased by a monster, you can talk with your favorite actor or be an actor yourself being chased by hundreds of fans! The act of lucid dreaming can be confronting, but can be an experience not to be forgotten or avoided. These endeavors can happen if you set your mind to it, and learn how to do it; or you may be gifted with this natural ability.

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We’ve all experienced a nightmare; a falling dream; a daydream, etc. Imagine if you had the ability to be in complete control of what happens. Have the ability to fly through the sky, perceive a scenario from a different perspective. Sounds cool, huh? If you were able to live in your dreams, then wouldn’t going to sleep every night be exciting opposed to an inconvenience? We all know that there aren’t enough hours in a day, which is absolutely true. Lucid dreaming will make out as if you never sleep, but still receive the same effects. In saying that, whatever happens in your dreams will not (necessarily) happen in real life. For example, you may win the lottery in the lucid dream, but wake up as rich as you were the night before. Although lucid dreaming requires practice to ensure perfection, it is definitely achievable to anyone at most ages. It is not dangerous, nor will it physically affect you whatsoever. It’s simply a dream that you’re consciously aware of and able to manipulate.

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Lucid dreaming can occur both accidentally or intentionally. It is not to be feared – it is to be honored as though you have a power; a sixth sense. It’s not uncommon for people to lucid dream, and those who are privileged to experience a lucid dream should be proud of their experience(s). As you lucid dream, you can explore your inner mind and view what you never thought existed. Maybe you’re anxious for a test, or fear public speaking: lucid dreaming is able to assist you positively to help you overcome this anxiety. So in theory, lucid dreaming is a perfect way to help assist some medical problems you may face on a daily basis. Whether or not you choose to use a lucid dream to help with your problems is completely up to you, but is something one should definitely consider. Does overcoming some personal issues in your life sound appealing to you? Never having to feel anxious to the same extent can be exceptionally relieving, and definitely rewarding.


Along with lucid dreaming comes things needed to be aware of. One of the most important things you must consider is whether or not you’re actually experiencing a lucid dream. Think about this: what makes you think that as you read this article, you’re not lucid dreaming? What makes it a reality? As you lucid dream, you can feel, see, read, smell, etc. just as you would in real life. It’s a scary thought, but once you are able to distinguish a lucid dream from reality, you’re able to feel more comfortable and begin enjoying your dreams. Remember that dreams are often illogical, which can be the first hint that it’s a dream – however that’s not always the case. Some dreams can make perfect sense, so don’t completely rely on a realistic event to differentiate a lucid dream from reality. In saying that, with practice comes experience and perfection. It will not be an instant accomplishment, however will become easier and easier in due time.

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Lucid dreaming is an encouraged act and should not be avoided and/or feared. It can be a time to explore things you never thought existed, and experience things which wouldn’t be possible in real life. Why wouldn’t you want to overcome your fears and live a happier, less stressful life? Why shouldn’t you look forward to sleeping; now capable of controlling and experiencing your dreams as if they were real life? The exciting adventure you endeavor can be thrilling, and most certainly rewarding – and should be considered.


Recovering from the Dark Night of the Soul


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I have flirted with the Dark Night of the Soul for years now. Looking back I cannot remember when I wasn’t fighting depression. And if I wasn’t fighting depression I was fighting addiction, denial, defensiveness and flat out lying to myself. The Dark Night of the Soul simply became who I was and I began to despair that I would never know anything else. And if this was it…what I was going to always have to feel like?  Was there really any reason to continue? I read self help books, talked to therapists and still after a few months of starting to feel better I would sink back into that black pit of hopelessness and sorrow. Was there no end to it? Was I capable of being happy? Of knowing first hand what inner peace truly felt like? All these thoughts just managed to pull me deeper down into the abyss of despair.

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I didn’t realize that I have been on the fast track of healing a complete way of thinking and of living. It started when I met who is now my husband. He introduced me to metaphysical studies though I had been doing a lot of reading before hand. What he explained to me made much more sense. We traveled to my past lives and could see certain patterns that had been set up many lifetimes ago to what I was living through today. He taught me meditation, and though it took me a few years to actually get the hang of it all the doors began opening for me. Through some intensive work I was able to recall memories of this life I had hidden deep within the recesses of my fragile mind and once those were recalled I became aware of my 12 guides….my beloved Twelve.


When the Twelve began earnestly grabbing at my attention I was in complete denial. I was certain I was losing my mind and there was absolutely no one I ever wanted knowing about them. As my work continued  with past lives I realized they had been with me since the beginning of time and I began to look forward (secretly) to their visits. Before long I even could see one of them. When they speak to me they are a collective voice in my subconscious. Two females and ten males. It has never been  a language that I could speak but rather an understanding and a meeting of the minds, heart and soul. But one day there he was, Kiernan. A man that I could reach out and touch if I had the courage.

dark night 2

The easiest way to get in touch with them was always through hypnosis until one day I could access them through my dreams and through meditation. I was elated. After a time I began to ask them questions and finally when it came time to make a decision about my ministry school I asked for a sign. That was terrifying to me because what if there was no sign? Would it mean what I had always feared….that it was my vivid imagination and nothing more? My husband was aware I had taken this great risk and so we waited. That very afternoon we went for a hike in the Moab desert. We parked the car and went for a beautiful hike as we talked about my fears. When we got back to the car, there draped elegantly on a rock right outside the passenger car door was a necklace that would only have meant something deeply spiritual to me. It was a black Fleur-de-Lys….exactly like the one I had tattooed on my side. My husband asked me then “Is that a good enough sign for you?” so we called the school and registered when we got home.

hgope 5

A year later and I have survived my first year of school. When I say survived what I mean was it stirred up all the pain that lay heavy on my soul unattended to and locked away never to be seen again. My studies through the school unlocked that safe little place within myself and like Pandora’s Box it all came rushing out. Most days it was too much to bear and I could barely face getting out of bed much less living a peaceful life. As each month passed by I began to inch my way out of my deep and despairing hole and I could see a little more of the daylight but everyday was still such an effort to me.

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The end of January I went to a local healing ceremony that got me over a huge painful hurdle…or at least part way over. I was starting to see hope in my future. I went to another one in March  and got a little closer to understanding where a big chunk of my pain was coming from. Once a year our school gets all the students and some instructors together for a lovely retreat in the Redwood Forest just south of San Francisco. Because this is an online school my fellow classmates are from as far away as Switzerland. So this gives us a chance to connect with each other. Even though we have heard each others voices over the monthly conference calls it was so hard to see them as anything other than distant voices on the phone. So I got in my car in Utah at 2:30 in the morning early April and drove 14 hours to the top of a mountain in Northern California. I cannot go into the specifics of what we did at that retreat but it was some intense healing work that we all shared in together. The voices became loving individuals and all were suffering in one form or another and all needed this healing to take place. Not only did we have these incredible healing experiences that will stay locked in my memory for as long as I draw breath into this body but we all got to know each other in a loving and supportive environment. Not only was I learning from my teachers and ministers that had graduated years before me but I was learning just as much or more from my fellow classmates. I finally figured out we were all wounded but all healers in our own way. I was…no AM…in awe of all the beautiful people I got to know and now that I am home we stay in constant contact through Facebook and email.


For  as long as I can remember I have longed for and hunted for unconditional love. I learned the only place I will ever get that is from my very own spirit who has been with me this entire life. The wise and ancient side of myself that understands how to sit with pain until through acceptance and understanding it passes. The side of myself that truly sees me as a beautiful spirit with unlimited compassion that has a deep and limitless well within herself of infinite love…the love that is her connection to the Divine Creator. Love is the Divine Creator and the trees and the birds and the sky and the earth and my classmates and myself and my family and my animals and the stranger I pass on the street. It is all encompassing. It is infinite and everywhere. It is the air that I breathe and the food that I eat and the water that I drink. It is the connection that binds every living thing and every rock and every particle of the universe together. Once I awakened to that fact and I opened my eyes and became aware I was no longer walking through the Dark Night of the Soul. I could never go back. Once you have walked in the light the darkness no longer exists.

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I also have no regrets. My long dark night of the soul was my path to the light. I may never have seen or recognized the light of love without that long, lonely walk and so I have nothing but gratitude for that walk, that lonely journey. It was the path I had to take that took me to my diamond road of peace.

Now do not get me wrong. Things have been pretty dicey for me for a while now and that hasn’t changed. It is how I view these challenges that has changed. What at one time seem inevitable and hopeless is now just a learning path to get me where I need to go. I still get a little scared and frustrated and even a little sad at times but I just sit with it and hold the space until a new level of awareness comes to me and gives me the fortitude to see what is coming around the next corner. Every time I get irritated and ask my guides “why does everything have to be so hard and scary?” the answer is always the same….pay attention to what you need to learn here. And so I have. I am even learning that to force a solution to my problem may be a mistake as well. I have always believed that if you keep trying your hardest to find a solution then at least you are not just laying around waiting for life to be handed to you. I still believe that to some degree but it was how I was going about it that was the problem. I would lay awake scheming and panicky and and plotting out a solution. Now I pray. I meditate. I ask for signs to guide me and I sit with it. I am learning every time my prayers are answered all in good time. The signs are there and peace is maintained within me because I am not scurrying around trying to make the earth rotate just for me.

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When I got back home I had another healing ceremony that was what sealed the deal and that is for another post tomorrow.  What I have learned once you reach this wonderful place inside yourself you can never go back. The chemistry in my brain has changed. My level of awareness has opened my heart and my spirit is free to be who she is. The masks are off and the walls are down. You cannot unlearn something. Especially this. It has awaken every cell in my body and my awareness of every living thing including myself is too vivid and concrete.  My compassion for everything on this planet including the planet herself is infinite but I am able to protect myself from those that continue to try to hurt me with detached compassion. It is like a lovely energy field that lets my love and compassion out but does not let their anger or hate in.


Resurrection. The reversal of what was thought to be absolute. The turning of midnight into dawn, hatred into love, dying into living anew.

If we look more closely into life, we will find that resurrection is more than hope, it is our experience. The return to life from death is something we understand at our innermost depths, something we feel on the surface of tender skin. We have come back to life, not only when we start to shake off a shroud of sorrow that has bound us, but when we begin to believe in all that is still, endlessly possible.

We give thanks for all those times we have arisen from the depths or simply taken a tiny step toward something new. May we be empowered by extraordinary second chances. And as we enter the world anew, let us turn the tides of despair into endless waves of hope.

~Molly Fumia

My Daughter’s First Mother’s Day



So after waiting months and months I was finally able to go and see my adorable grandson last week and was shocked to see how much he has grown.

Okay I know he is my grandson so I am partial to him but I can’t help but think he is probably one of the cutest babies I have ever seen. And I know there are other mothers out there and grandmothers who all say the same thing about their children and they are absolutely right….but look at that face!! I forget about time and space as I gaze at the wonder that is Wylie. Even if he wasn’t related to me I would still lose myself in those eyes and his smile that completely undoes me.

So in honor of my daughter and the first year she can reap the rewards of this fabulous holiday I tip my hat to her and can only say “Well done Princess….well done!”






It just doesn’t get any better than this. How blessed I am that this precious soul is in my life. My life will only be the richer for it for I have a feeling great things will come from this little guy. And it will all be because my daughter is the most incredible mother in the world. She has infinite love and patience. Is much like a mother moose or a grizzly when it comes to him….nobody will hurt this baby or there will be hell to pay. She refuses to give him store bought food so she spends hours when she could be resting making his food from scratch and only organic. I am so blown away by her devotion. And so proud!!


My Indiegogo Campaign


This is a link to my Indiegogo Campaign.

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If you cannot donate (which I know can be impossible with the economic state of things today) I ask that maybe you pass the word. I feel funny about asking anyone to help with this because I have never asked for help with anything but this came to me in a dream several months ago and then I saw two of my classmates on Indiegogo and one has gotten her tuition.


It may seem like a selfish thing to ask for and I suppose it is but I made a vow that I would take my education and my spiritual growth and somehow improve the world with it even if it was just a small thing. This idea for the Imagine Healing and Wellness Center (see my post for April 27th titled Imagine Healing and Wellness) came to me in a vision in January and I have not been able to ignore it. Please help me realize this dream and I will report all my progress on it as I get more into it. I know someone that can help me set up the nonprofit status which I hope to accomplish soon. I have a neighbor that can help me out with carpet. Already the community is coming together. This would be a project that wasn’t mine but all of ours.

So please reblog this or pass the word around and I will be forever in your debt.


Elizabeth Gilbert

“In the end, though, maybe we must all give up trying to pay back the people in this world who sustain our lives. In the end, maybe it’s wiser to surrender before the miraculous scope of human generosity and to just keep saying thank you, forever and sincerely, for as long as we have voices.”
― Elizabeth GilbertEat, Pray, Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia
Thank you my friends and may your day be filled with sunshine and joy
Sunny Day

Imagine Healing and Wellness: My Dream




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I have a dream. It is called Imagine Healing and Wellness and it will be a place that people can come for natural healing whether they can afford it or not. Here is what I want to build:

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A nonprofit healing center that can offer services that are either not covered by standard medical insurance or to offer services for people who cannot afford it. In today’s world unless you have insurance it is increasingly difficult to afford medical care. Natural healing services are not covered at all. It seems the natural healing services are only available for the wealthy but it is the hard working middle class or the laborers that really need it. To be able to schedule Rolfing or a massage or acupuncture is something these people can only dream of and hope to get every now and then for a birthday present. I know….I am one of those people. These are the type of health services that would make all the difference with my physical problems but I could never afford it so I would go to a regular medical doctor, they would prescribe pain killers without addressing the root cause and though I paid off 36,000.00 it still wasn’t enough so I  eventually had to claim medical bankruptcy because I couldn’t make enough to pay it all off while surviving.

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My dream goes something like this:

A nonprofit natural healing center that covers massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, rolfing, aromatherapy, and other holistic healing while also offering spiritual and mental wellness as well. My center would offer meditation and nutrition classes, a farmers market with organic food and a place to buy natural products in an apothecary. I would offer classes on intuitive healing, and other fun classes such as creative dance, yoga, intuitive painting and other fun creative ways to express the uniqueness of each individual. My center would be a place for people to come and feel safe and build a community of like minded people.

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I would also offer child care and after school programs that teach the next generation proper health care and nutrition, recycling and other green activities that celebrate the Earth while teaching the children the importance of caring for this great planet. There would be animals that would be a way to teach children compassion and responsibility for another life. These animals could also provide other resources without any harm being done to them such as eggs from chickens etc.  or therapy to people who need emotional healing. The children could learn love and respect for the planet, for their families and for themselves. I would eventually even like to offer natural healing to the pets of people with Veterinarians that offer natural healing methods as a part of their practice. Finally,  education would be a big part of what the center would offer so people could once again gain control of their own health and well being.

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Eventually I would like to set up  scholarship programs for people that desire a career in the healing arts. Upon graduation they would be required to donate a portion of their time back to the center. This center would raise money through a thrift boutique, a farmers market with goods from our community garden and other homemade items, donations of money, resources and time. I could find health practitioners that would be willing to donate their time to the center a day or two a month. I would try to promote this center through Hay House and other like minded people that could afford to donate their time while reaping the benefits of the publicity.

images (11)

I believe with all my heart I can build this Healing Center with a lot of hard work and the goodness of others. This is the type of thing we as a people need and what this planet needs. I encourage any and all ideas on this. This center would take a village of people to bring forth so I am open to all your creativity and knowledge.

Albert Einstein

“A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”
― Albert Einstein

Bless you and all your relations


Sunny Day

It is a Brand New Sunny Day!!


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I bet you are all wondering “So what is up with the new name?” Well as a matter of fact there is a story behind it so I will tell you.

As I said in yesterdays post I was blessed to go to a retreat held by my school the beginning of the month in the beautiful Redwood forest in Northern California. I finally got to meet all the people who I had heard via phone conferences over a period of a year. One person that works for the school is named Mary. She is the registrar and has been very helpful in keeping me and my participation in the school fairly together this long year as I struggled with my sanity. I actually met her at a breathwork class I took in Durango Colorado last August and the minute I saw her I felt instantly at ease. I have always been drawn to her as if she were familiar (in a very good way) to me.

images (27)

The day I had to be at the retreat I got up at 2:30am and drove straight through to California and to the retreat site which took approximately 14 hours. I arrived around 5:00 that evening. I got set up in my tent located under the towering Redwoods (I brought way too much stuff) and then went about finding where I could take a shower. After I worked that all out I went into the dining hall and there was Mary. For the rest of the evening and into the next day she would address me as Lori, Lana, Lorelei, etc…in other words she was calling me everything but Lisa. I finally stopped her and said “Mary, you have known me for a year. Why is it you cannot call me by my name? My name is Lisa, remember?” She stopped and looked at me and after a minute said “Yeah, see here’s the thing…I don’t think so.” I was a bit stunned. That is not something one hears everyday when discussing their name. I replied “What do you mean…you don’t think so? It has been my name for 47 years ever since my mother named me that.” and she replied with a very serious face “I think your mother got it wrong. I am very good with these sorts of things and I don’t think your name is Lisa.” Hmmm….I wasn’t sure what to say at that point. My mother has a history of being wrong about a lot so it certainly gave me pause. So I then asked, “Okay then…so what is my name?” And she just said as she turned to walk away “Oh I don’t know that. You will just have to ask Spirit.” Very matter of factly.

images (28)

So that night alone in my tent in the darkest of darks I prayed to Spirit and just said “If Lisa is not my name please give me a sign. And while you are at it if it isn’t would you please give me a sign that tells me what it is?” Becareful what you ask for.

During one of our activities in our temple the first afternoon a ray of sunlight streamed down from the skylight and rested on my head illuminating me for the longest time. I was the only one it did this to. Several of the instructor/mentors noticed this and smiled. Also before this particular activity the school’s director, Jyoti, handed each of us a card while repeating “This is you now.” The picture on the card was a person seated in lotus position looking sideways at a snake that was coiled up beside him looking back at him. The person’s head was glowing as if the sun was shining on his head. I had gotten this card BEFORE the sun had rest on my head.

images (23)

The next day I went through some pretty intense experiences that is what triggered my great shift in consciousness. Before going through my experiences I got another card from Jyoti as she said “This is you now.” On the card was a skeleton glowing yellow. That pretty much was the theme for the day. I was finally stripped completely bare. I was able to forgive and achieve compassion for myself and others in my life and the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders. While my partner was helping me we were on the opposite side of the room from the day before when the sunlight rested on me and that was in the afternoon but here it was morning and the sun rested on her and only her.

The third day I got a third card from Jyoti. She handed me the card and said “this is you now”. On the card was a giant sun smiling. It occurred to me perhaps Spirit wanted my name to be Sunshine. And then it occurred to me my last name was Day….Sunny Day?

When I brought it before the circle everyone seemed to agree and it has stayed with me. When I went to my new job I was filling out my paperwork and my boss looked at my name and said “You don’t really look like a Lisa to me.” Hmmmm….so I told her the story of Sunny and she agreed so my name is Sunny there as well. It just seemed natural that I needed to change it on my spiritual blog since it was Spirit that showed me that Sunny Day is my name and not Lisa.

images (29)

“Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows.” 
― Helen Keller


Sunny Day


Earth Day and a Cry for Help



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I have been away from all of you for a while for a myriad of reasons. One I needed a break and two I was working at a job I didn’t love which left me exhausted and feeling a bit fragmented. Meanwhile, as most of you know, I have been in school to become a Minister of Walking Prayer.

images (15)

When I started the ministry program I was warned that I may struggle a bit. I was thinking I was already struggling with so much….how bad could it be? It got interesting to say the least and it was difficult but not in the way I was thinking it would be. Ever since this blog began I have written about my struggles with being a caregiver and also a life long struggle with depression. As I went through each lesson of the school my identity was stripped from me. I no longer knew who I was as the old thought patterns were replaced by new awareness. Over the last few months I literally had no idea who I was anymore and it scared me. I began to wonder if it was just better before when I thought I knew who I was. Then I realized I probably never knew who I was. I was made up of coping skills and defenses. That was it. My sense of humor, my attitude, my coldness was all just what the world, my world, had made me become. But who was that little girl that was born fresh and new on December 12, 1966? She was a spirit newly arrived in a world that was unkind to her in many ways. I do believe I have met that spirit again and it is so good to be back together again.

download (18)

The beginning of this month I went to a retreat held by the school. My classmates and I are from all over the world so we do our online studies then talk once or twice a month never knowing who we were to each other. Once a year for the two years we are in this program we all come together in the Redwood Forest in California and we meet and commune with each other, our instructors and mentors and with nature and most of all with our spirit. The transformation that took place was incredible. The shift that happened within me was nothing short of miraculous.

images (11)

There are many things we do over the 5 days we are together and it is all about healing. I finally figured out the first year of this program was about healing ourselves and coming to know once again our spirit who never judges us, gives us the only unconditional love we may ever receive here on this earth, and will always be there for us. It was there when I came into the world and it will be there when I leave. I absolutely love my spirit and I feel more at peace now than I think I ever have in this life.

The second year of this program will be more about healing others and this planet. So what does one have to do with the other? Let me tell you.

I am a biologist. When I was studying plants of course we would see the inside of them through a microscope. Looking at a living plant under the microscope is one of the most amazing sights. Inside a leaf you see all the little green chloroplasts whirling around in that leaf. They are constantly moving and swimming around. My botany professor said that there was a theory that the chloroplasts were actually a separate living organism that found a home inside a leaf and the plant and the chloroplasts found that it was such a good arrangement they stayed that way. The chloroplasts converted the sunlight into sugar which fed and sustained the plant which in turn provided a wonderful place for the chloroplasts to live. It was a perfect working relationship.

images (11)

The terms symbiois and mutualism are common in the field of biology. You find these relationships all throughout nature. Examples would be a termite and the bacteria that lives in its gut. The termite eats cellulose (wood). There is not too many animals that can truly breakdown cellulose. That is why herbivores poop so much. They have to eat a tremendous amount of plant life to get enough nutrients to sustain them because plants are mainly made up of cellulose. The cellulose is what goes right through them. But termites live on wood and that is because they have a bacteria in their gut that breaks it down. Both benefit from the nutrients that are derived from this breaking down process and the bacteria is happy to do it…the termites provide housing and the wood and the bacteria breaks the wood down to benefit both of them. Another relationship is between wolves and ravens. Ravens will oftentimes locate a herd of elk and fly in a circle above which draws the attention of the wolves. The wolves pursue the elk, kill one and gorge themselves and the ravens get the leftover which they think is a pretty good deal. Or what about the cleaner fish that clean sharks and whales removing irritating parasites from the scales and skin of the bigger animals while providing nourishment for the cleaner fish. The list goes on and on.

images (15)

The earth was set up for balance. If you take something you must give something back and everything remains balanced and happy. But unfortunately when man became industrialized they stopped giving back and just began taking and taking. The took faster then the earth could keep up with and now we have a serious imbalance problem.

The earth is a living organism and all who inhabit her have a role that keeps things in balance. The animals breathe in O2 and breathe out CO2. The plants breathe in CO2 and breathe out O2. The herbivores keep that plants from taking over and the carnivores keep the herbivores from taking over. If there is no grass the herbivores get hungry and die and if there is no herbivores the carnivores get hungry and die. There is so many checks and balances to keep the system running smoothly until the industrial revolution. We figured out how to cheat the system and then we just took and took and took but the earth always keeps things in balance. And she is about to rock us to our very foundation. We will not win this war because I can tell you the great Mother has had enough.

images (16)

The only way to help her is to help those who have harmed her. The more we abused her the further we went from her which has left us broken and fractured. We need her not only for our physical needs but also for our spiritual and emotional needs as well and that is why so many of us are suffering and struggling to get through even one day. We are on so much chemicals (medication) and we drink poisoned water and eat poisoned food. We do not even get to breathe clean air anymore. We have lost our relationship with the trees and the animals that our ancestors of long ago had bonded with quite deeply. Imagine if we are the earths chloroplasts…if the earth was a plant what do you suppose it would look like? My guess is it would look pretty sick.  images (18)

What amazes me is the rape of the earth really only benefits a select few people…not too many really in the grand scheme of things and yet we continue to elect these people that are bought by the other people while the whole vast world suffers. We do this!! And if that is so then we can fix it to. We can stop electing the select greedy few and start doing the right thing. To do that we must heal ourselves. If we are healed we can heal others who heal others who heal others until pretty soon there are no more blind, fractured and confused people out there that walk around in a drug infused haze electing the wrong people. Only healthy loving people will be left and we would far outnumber the select few that benefit from the war, disease, energy crisis, species eradication and slaughter and starvation of millions of innocent people.

download (13)

And so….that being said…I am continuing to heal myself as I build a practice of healing others. It seems like such a small step. Such a puny, pathetic place to start but after seeing my class mates and my teachers and the shift that took place in just a few days I now realize this is possible. Its beautiful and its possible. The starting place? Love!! Always start with Love.

So my blog will be getting a make over as I change what I write and how I write.

In the meantime I leave you with this and I highly recommend it…it is worth every one of the close to 11 minutes.

Namaste and Happy Earth Day!

Sunny Day